AnnéePublications des Enseignants-chercheurs de l’ENSBLIEN
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2013 Surface Treatment of Microfluidic Device, Ammar Azioune, Denis Bertolo, Bertrand Levach, Vincent Studer Brevet International: WIPO/PCT, WO/136003A2, ESPCI & TOTAL Petrochemicals - France /2013.
2015 Multiprotein Printing by Light Induced Molecular Adsorption, Pierre -Olivier Strale, Ammar Azioune, Ghislain Bugnicourt, Yohan Lecomte, Makhlad Chahid, and Vincent Studer, Adv. Mater /2015. DOI:10.1002/adma.201504154 (Impact factor: 17.5)