AnnéePublications des Enseignants-chercheurs de l’ENSBLIEN
2015 RIRA M.,CHENTLI A., BOUFENNARA S. & BOUSSEBOUA H. Evaluation of the ruminal antimethanogenic activity of some plants secondary metabolites, by the in vitro approach. Energy Procedia, S1876-6102 (15) : 01281-3 /2015. DOI : 10.1016/j.egypro.2015.07.513
2015 RIRA M., MORGAVI D.P., ARCHIMEDE H., MARIE-MAGDELEINE C., POPOVA M., BOUSSEBOUA H., DOREAU M. Potential of tannin-rich plants for modulating ruminal microbes and ruminal fermentation in sheep. Journal of Animal Science, 93: 334–347 /2015. DOI :10.2527/jas2014-7961
2012 RIRA M, D. P. MORGAVI, & H. BOUSSEBOUA. Effect of essential oils of Juniperus phoenicea and Mentha pulegium on rumen fermentationand methanogenesis in vitro. Proceeding of the 8th INRA-Rowett Symposium on Gut Microbiology. ? CLERMONT-FERRAND (FRANCE), 17-20 Juin 2012. P 130.