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AnnéePublications des Enseignants-chercheurs de l’ENSBLIEN
2018 Photoinduced discharge of electrons stored in a TiO2-MWCNT composite to an analyte: Application to the fluorometric determination of hydrogen peroxide, glucose and aflatoxin B1. A. Rhouati,
2018 A perspective on non-enzymatic electrochemical nanosensors for direct detection of pesticides. A. Rhouati, M. Majdinasab, A. Hayat. Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 2018, 11, 12-18.
2018 Design of a portable luminescence bio-tool for on-site analysis of heavy metals in water samples. R. Mishra, A. Rhouati, D. Bueno, M. Waqas Anwar, S. A. Shahid, V. Sharma, J-L. Marty, A. Hayat.(12), 1081-1094.
2018 Metal Nanomaterial-Assisted Aptasensors for Emerging Pollutants Detection. Nanotechnology and Biosensors