Publications des Enseignants-chercheurs de l’ENSB

Année 2012

S. BOUFENNARA, S. LOPEZ, H. BOUSSEBOUA, R. BODAS & L. BOUAZZA. Chemical composition and digestibility of some browse plant species collected from Algerian arid rangelands. Spanish Journal of Agriculture Research, 10 (1) : 88-98, 2012.

BOUAZZA L., BOUFENNARA S., BODAS R., BOUSSEBOUA H. & LOPEZ S. Nutritive evaluation of foliage from some fodder trees and shrubs characteriscic of Algerian arid and semi arid areas. Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences, 21: 521-536, 2012.

M. RIRA, D. P. MORGAVI, & H. BOUSSEBOUA. Effect of essential oils of Juniperus phoenicea and Mentha pulegium on rumen fermentationand methanogenesis in vitro. Proceeding of the 8th INRA-Rowett Symposium on Gut Microbiology. Gut Microbiota : friend or foe ? CLERMONT-FERRAND (FRANCE), 17-20 Juin 2012. P 130, 2012.